• Crop Yield Enhancement.
  • Saving in Irrigation Water.
  • Saving in Energy in pumping.
  • Savings in Fertilizer consumption.
  • Quality Improvement of Produce.
  • Improved Pest & Disease Control.
  • Improves Soil Health.
  • Reduced Weed Growth.
  • Reduced Labor Costs.
  • Suitable for Marginal lands.
  • Suitable for inferior quality water.

  • To improve the productivity of irrigated land from the present low levels.
  • To improve use-efficiencies of Water, Energy, Nutrient and Human Effort in Agriculture
  • To conserve scarce resources such as Water and Electricity
  • To extend the benefits of irrigated agriculture to more people with the available water
  • To facilitate better crop management through Fertigation and chemigation.

  • Water is applied directly to the root zone of the plants.
  • Water is applied at frequent intervals at precise quantities based on Crop Water Requirements.
  • Water is applied through a low-pressure pipe network comprising Mains, Sub mains, Laterals and Emitting Devices


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Need for irrigation methods that deliver water at a higher field efficiency and as per requirement of the plant, thus overcoming the ill-effects of conventional flood irrigation method.
Presently the most modern irrigation methods in practice are :
  • Micro-Irrigation System, MIS (or Drip Irrigation)       >>view more
  • Sprinkler Irrigation                                                   >>view more